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An apology to my readers and followers

You have been subjected to ‘clickbait’ advertisements on my Blog. That should not have happed. They have now been blocked so you should no longer see them. Sorry …

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DOG ASBOs – Anti-social Barking Orders – why not enforced?

<rant> Woken at 7am this morning by dogs howling, others barking and later yapping and yipping. It went on all day … off and on … and every day of every week. Why do dog owners think it’s OK to … Continue reading

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UK Tory Party Leadership Election fiasco

So there’s to be an election of a new leader to replace the “serial liar, fabricator and cheat” that is Boris Johnson … he’s always been untrustworthy … [Update 29 Aug] Also a back-stabber. He’s now deliberately undermining Truss. She … Continue reading

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