UK Tory Party Leadership Election fiasco

So there’s to be an election of a new leader to replace the “serial liar, fabricator and cheat” that is Boris Johnson … he’s always been untrustworthy

[Update 29 Aug] Also a back-stabber. He’s now deliberately undermining Truss. She says ‘Macron may be our enemy’, Jack-in-a-Boris says ‘No he’s our friend’. Truss says ‘No handouts for cost-of-living crisis’, he says ‘HUGE handouts soon after 6th Sep’. Why? He’s setting things up for his comeback – a vote of no confidence in Truss at the Tory party conference so he’s PM by December.

Last time people were told lies, believed lies, voted for lies and, yes, the UK has had its reputation trashed by, you guessed it, lies.

Maybe either Truss or Sunak will be better?

At present they are trying to woo the Conservative Party members who will vote for them. A membership of 160,000 or so people who are utterly unrepresentative of modern Britain, leaving over 46 million British voters disenfranchised.

So what are Truss and Sunak promising? ‘Policies’ which some would say amount to naked bribery? Shame on them! Taking directly from Trump’s ‘playbook’.

Lying is a great crime; without Truth there is no Trust; without trust there is no Freedom; without Freedom there is only Tyranny (as in Russia).

The cartoon below makes the point … maybe you’d like to share a link to it?

[NB The quote from Trump is in full is in the ‘fake news’ post on this site. ]

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