DOG ASBOs – Anti-social Barking Orders – why not enforced?


Woken at 7am this morning by dogs howling, others barking and later yapping and yipping. It went on all day … off and on … and every day of every week.

Why do dog owners think it’s OK to inflict this anti-social noise on their neighbours? Especially when they themselves would not tolerate teenagers saying “Shout shout shout” or “Me me me” at the tops of their voices in the street.

Surely it is time for dog ASBOs to be properly enforced?

Where I live dogs are let out into the (small) gardens 6, maybe ten, times a day. The dogs bark / yap whatever for a minute or so. That’s around 50 times a week and 2,600 times a year. There are about 10 dogs nearby, so citizens are assailed by this anti-social noise around twenty-five THOUSAND times a year. That surely is not acceptable?

Anyone feel the same? Incidentally, why are the usual immediate responses of dog owners ‘You’re a Dog Hater’, or ‘That’s what dogs do’ … as if we should put up with it.

What puzzles me is that the dog owners round here are very careful to clear up any dog faeces (crap) – for which I am very grateful. Maybe giving attention to endless barking would be good too?


[Next day]. Well, I should have done my research more carefully!

Dog ASBOs were brought into Law in 2014 (in the UK) with the controls and penalties available listed here. Responsible dog charities and veterinary surgeries provided practical advice for owners should their dog(s) prove difficult to control.

For the neighbours of noisy dogs (and their owners?!), local councils have provided online services which enable the public to report anti-social dog behaviour.

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