Cop27 – Climate emergency solved – breed less!

Yes, it IS that easy. Really …

“What’s the logic behind that statement?” I hear you ask …

Well, global warming and climate change is being accelerated by human activity. So, if there were no humans there would be no effects …

…. if there are more people, more change …

… less people means less change. Solved!

It’s that simple. All we have to do is have less children. Then the rate of global warming slows, climate targets met, everyone is happy! Hurrah?

“Just a minute!” I hear you say, “It isn’t that simple … you can’t just reduce the population overnight!” Well, that’s true. But surely there’s nothing stopping humanity having less children?

What’s the catch?

The catch is that there are serious issues getting in the way of population reduction. Here are some examples:

  • For a start, the world’s commerce is built on the assumption that there will be endless ‘growth’ . Rapid population reduction would cause economies to fail;
  • Also, there’s the feeling among parents that they are somehow entitled to have children, that having children is a right  – which it isn’t of course, only the child has rights.
  • Then there are social and cultural limitations. For example, the religions which either prohibit birth control or which actively promote the need for large families (citing, eg, the necessity of making more souls to save) these dogmatic beliefs overriding the imperative of preventing global warming.

Oh. Then we are not going to be able to reduce the population of Planet Earth, even in a managed way? No, it seems not …

Well, I thought my simple idea might be too good to be true. A pity.

Still, we know what’s coming. There has been both a Greenhouse Earth and a Snowball Earth in it’s history and the geological evidence is pretty stark of how inhospitable the planet can become.

But, of course, whether you accept this depends on your faith and what you believe about the past!

Meanwhile, humanity increases relentlessly … we’re about to hit 8 BILLION … this week.

The inevitability of it makes me feel ill.

[ Anyone in low-lying areas want a boat? ]

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