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On Mulling – an April 1st Lexicon

In response to a comment from a mathemagician (see Note 1) I know, I offer this short lexicon on ‘mulling‘ (q.v. – see Note 2): miller: one who engages in mulling (q.v – see also muller NB: there will be … Continue reading

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Support Ukraine – Support Democracy …

… while you still can … Everybody has their take on what the Dictator of the Russian Federation wants. Everybody wonders what winning looks like. Many people have assessed how far he might go and when he might stop in … Continue reading

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Populism ‘Fake News’, ‘Alternative Facts’ and Democracy

Are fake news and alternative facts undermining humanity’s ability to take decisive, often unpopular, action on difficult challenges Continue reading

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Transitioning to Adaptive, Forward-looking Ways-of-Working

In previous posts we talked about the different Aspects of adaptation and what this means for the learning that organisations, communities or individuals might have to do. What follows from this is an obvious question – how do you go … Continue reading

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Effective Adaptation involves ‘Quadruple-Loop Learning’

We have been looking at how communities develop their ability to adapt to climate change. This is mostly about learning how to learn from change and for this people mostly talk about the ‘double-loop’ learning that follows from experience. In … Continue reading

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Social media – influencing crowd dynamics

The world is full of ‘complex dynamic change’ arising from well-understood underlying principles. For example, at their heart all types of social media, such as viral marketing, crowdsourcing, flashmobs and so on work in the same way – networks of … Continue reading

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